How Many Videographers Do You Need?

Auckland Wedding First Look Being Filmed On Video

I’ll start by saying that around 80% of our weddings are shot with just me (Scott) as the sole videographer. I film most weddings solo for a few reasons:

  1. I want your wedding day to feel as natural as possible, so I take a very minimalistic approach with both gear and personale. I’ve found through experience that having myself plus a photographer is a really nice intimate number and makes things less intrusive on the day.

  2. Through experience and hard work I’ve been able to develop a great system and routine that allows me to film and capture everything without the need for extra assistance.

  3. From a logistical perspective, it’s much easier and more cost effective to schedule and plan travel with just myself to worry about. This is particularly useful when helicopters are involved!

  4. I really value giving my couples a consistent experience and standard of quality. Given that I travel for most weddings, I want to avoid having to hire a new second videographer in every town I visit.

There are however times when a second shooter can be a valuable asset and great investment for a couple. I’ve outlined these scenarios below.

Bridesmaids at an Auckland Wedding

Scenario 1: The bride and groom are getting ready at two different locations (far apart).

If a bride and groom are getting ready at separate address’ more than 30 mins apart, then it can make filming both parties very difficult or even impossible. In this situation, two videographers would be required to capture the events at both locations simultaneously - one for the groomsmen and one for the bride/bridesmaids.

Scenario 2: The schedule for the day is extremely tight or there are logistical challenges.

If you’re trying to pack many different locations or activities into a tight schedule, then a second videographer may be required to provide additional support. Having a second videographer means that more footage can be captured at each location in less time, which will help ensure that great footage is being captured, even if we have little time. Additionally, the second videographer will be able to assist with travel (i.e. driving the car while I prep gear for a new location). If you’re unsure whether your schedule warrants a second videographer, I’m more than happy to take a look at it for you. It might even just be a matter of adjusting things slightly or utilizing more practical locations on the wedding day itself.

A Romantic Moment At An Auckland Wedding

Scenario 3: The wedding is very large.

I consider a very large wedding to be over 150 people. When you have a wedding this size, it will be impossible for me to capture absolutely everything by myself and it’s very possible that important people and or moments may be missed from within the crowd. A second videographer at a wedding this size is an invaluable investment, as it will allow us to capture more and represent the day more realistically in the wedding video.

I hope this guide was helpful. You can purchase a full day second videographer with any of my packages for $790. If you’re still unsure whether it might be worth getting a second videographer, then I’ll be more than happy to chat through the details and offer some advice. Get in touch here.


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