Does Drone Footage Matter In Your Wedding Video?

Drone footage is an incredible addition to any wedding video for a few key reasons.

Reason #1: Drone footage delivers a unique and spectacular perspective.

Drone footage offers a perspective of your wedding day that you otherwise would never have seen. This is particularly incredible to see when you’re in a gorgeous location. Remember, if you’re paying good money to get married in a stunning location, then it’s well worth the investment to capture that location in its entirety for your wedding video. There is no better way to capture a location and all it’s beauty than with done video footage.

Reason #2: Drone footage will enhance the story of your wedding video.

From a filmmaking point of view, drone footage plays a very important role. It will be used to help tell the complete story of your day and enhance the flow of the film. This is particularly important if your wedding location has a special significance to you as a couple. There no better way to tell a story about a location than with drone video footage.

Drone Footage Captured for a Wedding Video in Queenstown, New Zealand

Now that I’ve convinced you that drone footage is really a no brainer for most couples. There are a few important things to consider. Drone usage is weather permitting and subject to Civil Aviation Authority approval. I will always operate my drone in full compliance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations and this means that prior approval is needed from local airspace before I can operate the drone. You don’t have to worry about any of this - I’ll handle it! all! But it does mean that:

  1. I’ll be unable to fly if the weather is poor (high wind, low visibility and/or raining).

  2. I’ll need to know any specific photoshoot or helicopter landing locations a least a week in advance, to give me enough time to request permission and get approval. In some cases, I may not be able to get the required permission to operate if the area is within a restricted “no fly” zone.

To sum up, spending the $90 on my drone footage add on is a fantastic investment for most couples. If I can’t fly the drone due to the above reasons, then I’ll fully refund the $90 or suggest a different location that we could use instead.

Drone Wedding Video in Queenstown New Zealand
Drone Wedding Video in Queenstown, New Zealand


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