One Big Reason To Invest In A Ceremony Or Reception Film

Wedding Reception at the Winehouse, Queenstown

Ceremony and Reception Films are some of the most popular additions to my packages. They still remain an “add on” to my packages (rather than part of the core offering) primarily because I want to give couples the flexibility and savings that this provides. Every wedding is different and every couple is different. For some couples, reliving the laughs, cheers and tears of their family/friends speaking at their reception in super important. Equally, for some, capturing hours worth of wedding speeches is completely unnecessary, and having the reception highlights in a beautiful, timeless 5-8 minute film is much more important.

Now I’m not here to try and convince you one way or the other, but I will discuss one big reason why investing in a Ceremony and Reception film can be a great choice for many couples.

You Get To Relive Every Word.

Brides Father Speaks at a Queenstown Wedding Reception

As a filmmaker, editing is the most time intensive part of the process. In fact, creating a 5-8 minute film normally involves over 40 hours worth of editing - it’s a lot of work. For this reason, I need to impose time restrictions on my films to ensure that I can provide the high level of detail and quality that you deserve. These time restrictions mean that I can’t add in every speech or moment from your day into the final film. Instead, I pick and choose the best parts to feature in the film. Every moment is intentionally chosen for a reason, normally either because I know it will mean something to you as a couple, because it’s a particularly stunning/emotional moment or because it will help add to the story of your day. While this makes for a great film, there is still plenty of footage and speeches that doesn’t make the final cut. You may only have vague memories of many of these moments (especially after a few wines!).

Shoe Game at a Queenstown Wedding Reception

The Reception and Ceremony film gives you the opportunity to relive the event in its entirety. Every single joke, all the laughs, the many tears and the beautifully emotional words can be captured and treasured forever. Typically a Ceremony film lasts 30 minutes and the Reception film can be over two hours long. These long format videos certainly have their time and place, but considering the importance of the people and words spoken on your wedding day going forward into the future, I would highly recommend at least discussing and considering this option with your partner.

My Ceremony and Reception film add on costs $690 and this can be purchased before or after the wedding day. You will receive two separate films, one of the ceremony and one of the reception.


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